Question: What Does Obscured Mean In Romeo And Juliet?

Why does Lady Capulet visit with Juliet?

In this scene, Lady Capulet visits with Juliet because she wants to talk about marriage.

Specifically, she wants to know Juliet’s feelings (“disposition”) about getting married.

Lady Capulet then goes on to talk about Paris.

She asks Juliet if she thinks she could love him..

Why is Lady Capulet a bad mother?

unforgiving – she doesn’t and will never forgive Romeo for killing Tybalt and she has an evil idea to pay someone to poison him. She can be violent with her thoughts about how to punish Romeo for his actions. She isn’t a great mother as she asks the nurse to accompany her when she tries to speak to her daughter.

What does benefice mean in Romeo and Juliet?

church office endowed with fixed capital assetsBenefice. Definition. a church office endowed with fixed capital assets.

Why is Juliet’s conversation with the nurse and Lady Capulet interrupted at the end of the scene?

Juliet enters, and Lady Capulet dismisses the Nurse so that she might speak with her daughter alone. … She excitedly continues that Juliet must begin to think about marriage because the “valiant Paris” has expressed an interest in her (1.3. 76).

Who said Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books?

Romeo is below Juliet’s bedroom and their talking, Juliet is about to leave and Romeo shares a metaphor about love to Juliet, “Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books, but love from love, toward school with heavy looks” (2.2. 166-168).

Who is Queen Mab in Romeo and Juliet?

Mab is the queen of the fairies, a figure deeply rooted in English folklore. She is not a character in Shakespeare’s plays but is famous within his works because she is mentioned in Romeo and Juliet, as the subject of a speech by Romeo’s friend, Mercutio.

What does Silver Sweet mean?

It means that if the love is meant to be, they will meet again. How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night, like softest music to attending ears. … It means that their love sounds like music to his ears.

How old was Lady Capulet when she had Juliet?

According to calculations, Lady Capulet says, “By my count, I was your mother much upon this years that you are now a maid”. This seems to say that Lady Capulet was thirteen when she had Juliet and since Juliet will be 14 years of age, at the conclusion of the ball, that would make Lady Capulet 27 years old.

What does boisterous mean in Romeo and Juliet?

excessively noisy and unrestrainedused in Romeo and Juliet. only 1 use. excessively noisy and unrestrained.

Who was to blame for Juliet and Romeo’s death?

Friar LawrenceThe next character who is most to blame for the tragedy is Friar Lawrence. The first reason why Friar Lawrence should be blamed for the tragedy is the fact that he marries Romeo and Juliet. Knowing the possible consequences, the friar still decides to marry Romeo and Juliet.

What is the biggest obstacle that Romeo and Juliet must overcome?

feudThe main obstacle that Romeo and Juliet face is the feud that divides their two families. On the broadest level, the feud makes it impossible for them to go to their families and request to marry each other, as they know it would never be allowed.

What does Romeo mean by his line Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books but love from love toward school with heavy looks?

Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books,But love from love, toward school with heavy looks. Romeo is saying that leaving Juliet is a thousand times worse than being near her.