Question: What Is Difference Between Overlapping And Cross Cutting?

What do you mean by overlapping?

1 : to extend over or past and cover a part of The roof shingles overlap each other.

2 : to have something in common with Baseball season overlaps the football season in September.

intransitive verb.

1 : to occupy the same area in part The two towns overlap.

2 : to have something in common Some of their duties overlap..

What is cross cutting politics?

In social sciences, a cross-cutting cleavage exists when groups on one cleavage overlap among groups on another cleavage. “Cleavages” may include racial, political, religious divisions in society.

What is social division?

‘Social divisions’ refers to regular patterns of division in society that are associated with membership of particular social groupings, generally in terms of advantages and disadvantages, inequalities and differences.

How far does the emergence of social differences lead to social division explain by giving a suitable example?

1. If social differences overlap one another, then it leads to deep social divisions and tensions. 2. These overlapping differences occur when one difference becomes more important than another and people from oppressed communities feel alienated.

What do you know about overlapping difference?

Overlapping differences is the mixture of one or more differences caused by one main difference. Situations of this kind produce social divisions, when one kind of social difference becomes more important than the other and people start feeling that they belong to different communities.

What are social differences?

Social Difference:Social differences are the differences and discriminations that occurs in the society. … The differences between males and females, people having different heights and complexion are all examples of social differences caused due to birth.

What are the causes of social difference?

Differences occur among the people because of different professions and economic activities also. (iii) Differences based on religion: Sometimes religion can be one of the causes of social differences. … (iv) Differences based on economic status : Economic status can also be responsible for social differences.

What are the consequences of overlapping and cross cutting differences?

1. If social differences cross-cut one another, it is difficult to pit group of people against the other. 2. It means that group that share a common interest on the issue are likely to be on different sides on a different issue.

Could you describe the overlapping structure in India?

Explanation: In an overlapping structure, a social difference or concept becomes more powerful than others. People become more connected to powerful social differences and feel isolated from the less powerful social difference. Untouchables and lower class in India is the example of the overlapping structure.

Why do social differences emerge in a society does every social difference lead to social division explain with the help of an example?

Some social differences emerge because people choose to follow certain practices or principles. For example, a person may be an atheist or may be a feminist. … At times, religion is also a cause of social division. People can be also differentiated on the basis of caste or colour.

How social differences lead to social division?

A social difference means the difference in a group of people due to their race, religion, language and culture. It becomes a social division when some social differences are joined by another set of social differences. In other words, when two or more social differences join together, it turns into a social division.

Which division caste or economic is unique in India?

Answer. Social division on the lines of caste is unique to India. The caste system of the present has evolved from the varna system which was based on occupations and on the principle that an occupation passed from one generation to another.

What is the meaning of cross cutting social differences?

Cross-cutting social differences are the social differences in which one social difference is nullified by another social difference. In other words, social differences cut one another. The groups that share a common interest on one issue may be on different sides on another issue.

Which type of social difference is less dangerous?

Cross-cutting social differences are easier to accommodate. In contrast, overlapping differences create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensions. Hence, overlapping differences are more dangerous.

Which country is the example of overlapping social difference?

(i) Overlapping differences: Some social differences overlap other differences. For example the differences between the Black and the Whites of United States of America. In America due to these circumstances, Blacks to be poor, homeless and generally discriminated against. We can take second example from India.