Question: What Is The Electron Configuration Of BR -?

How many electrons are in BR -?

35 electronsBromine atoms have 35 electrons and the shell structure is 2.8.


The ground state electron configuration of ground state gaseous neutral bromine is [Ar]..

What is the full electron configuration of as3 -?

An arsenic 3- ion (As3−) , has gained three electrons, and its electron configuration is [Ar]3d104s24p6 , which is isoelectronic with the noble gas krypton, Kr.

How many VE does BR have?

7 valence electronsAnswer and Explanation: A bromine (Br) atom has 7 valence electrons. Valence electrons are the outermost electrons in an atom, which affect how atoms might react with one…

Which is larger P or p3?

Ar: P has a +15 nucleus, Ar’s is +18. Thus P3- will have a smaller Zeff (=+15-10 = +5 vs. +18 – 10 = +8 for Ar) and a larger radius.

What is the electron configuration for p3 -?

P3–: From Table 2.2, the electron configuration for an atom of phosphorus is 1s22s22p63s23p3. In order to become an ion with a minus three charge, it must acquire three electrons—in this case another three 3p. Thus, the electron configuration for a P3– ion is 1s22s22p63s23p6.

Why does BR have 7 valence electrons?

Valence electrons found in the s and p orbitals of the highest energy. Bromine has an electron configuration of 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d104p5 the valence electrons are in the 4s and 4p orbitals giving Bromine 7 valence electrons.

What is the charge of Br?

A bromide is a chemical compound containing a bromide ion or ligand. This is a bromine atom with an ionic charge of −1 (Br−); for example, in caesium bromide, caesium cations (Cs+) are electrically attracted to bromide anions (Br−) to form the electrically neutral ionic compound CsBr.

How many electrons does br need to be stable?

seven electronsBromine is a member of the halogen family of elements. Its companions include fluorine, chlorine, and iodine. Like the other halogens, bromine has seven electrons in its outer shell and is very reactive. You will find bromine in many salt compounds with alkali metals.

How many valence electrons are in a phosphorus P atom?

5 valence electrons1, how many valence electrons and how many core electrons does a neutral phosphorus atom have? The highest-numbered shell is the third shell, which has 2 electrons in the 3s subshell and 3 electrons in the 3p subshell. That gives a total of 5 electrons, so neutral phosphorus atoms have 5 valence electrons.