Question: What Is The Synonym Of Proximity?

What is another word for proficient?

Some common synonyms of proficient are adept, expert, skilled, and skillful..

What does proximity mean?

: the quality or state of being proximate : closeness.

Does proficient mean fluent?

In terms of language, the “proficient” label can refer to someone who is very skilled in the use of a language but who uses the language less easily and at a less-advanced level than a native or fluent speaker.

What is better proficient or excellent?

As adjectives the difference between proficient and excellent. is that proficient is good at; skilled; fluent; practiced, especially in relation to a task or skill while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.

Is it correct to say close proximity?

‘A close proximity’ is redundant, a pleonasm. The definition of ‘proximity’ is ‘the state of being near, next, or close’. … Using ‘close’, while redundant, is reinforcing the rarer word. Just because people do it often doesn’t mean it makes sense; those people ‘could care less’.

Are in close proximity?

: close to : near The trees were planted in close proximity to the building.

What word is the best synonym for vigilant?


Which word is the opposite of alert?

Antonyms: unalert, unvigilant, incognizant, lethargic, unenrgetic, unwatchful, unaware. Synonyms: alarm, warning signal, alarum, alerting, qui vive. alert, alerting(noun)

Why is proximity important?

Second, the more people come into contact with one another, the more likely the interaction will cultivate a relationship. Also, proximity promotes interaction between individuals and groups, which ends up leading to liking and disliking between the groups or individuals.

What is the antonym of proximity?

What is the opposite of proximity?distanceremotenessopennessfarnessdistantnesswhole

What is proximity mean in science?

The state or quality of being near (in place, time, order, causation, relationship, etc.) Supplement. Word origin: Latin proximitās, from proximus, nearest. Related term(s): proximal.

What is the definition of close proximity?

Close proximity describes something that is near, when discussing placement in space or time or the status of a relationship. Though close proximity is a fairly common phrase, many people consider it a poor use of English grammar. … This makes the phrase close proximity a tautology or redundancy.

What is another word for vigilant?

Some common synonyms of vigilant are alert, watchful, and wide-awake. While all these words mean “being on the lookout especially for danger or opportunity,” vigilant suggests intense, unremitting, wary watchfulness.

Does proficient mean expert?

If you are proficient or adept at something you are skillful—perhaps even expert. Proficient, adept, skillful, and expert are all synonyms, but subtle differences can be discerned between these terms as well. Proficient usually describes pure ability that comes from training and practice (“a proficient writer”).

What is proximity example?

Proximity is being close to or near. An example of proximity is standing next to someone. The state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness.

Which word would best replace the word vigilant?

What is another word for vigilant?alertattentivewatchfulobservantcautiouscharycarefulcircumspectheedfulmindful231 more rows

What is the opposite of close proximity?

opposites of in close proximity away. detached. distant. far. faraway.

How do you use proximity in a sentence?

Proximity sentence examplesHis close proximity sent her heart racing. … This time, their proximity seemed too intimate. … It was bad enough that she probably smelled, but the warmth from his body combined with the excitement of his proximity left her feeling a little nauseous. … a question of height, exposure or proximity to water.More items…